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A lower body lift is a comprehensive procedure designed to sculpt, tighten, and ultimately improve the appearance of the region from the midsection to the upper thighs. A common effect of undergoing significant weight loss, as well as withstanding the aging process, is extensive skin laxity in the mid to lower body that can cause skin irritation and chafing in addition to aesthetic concerns. A lower body lift is designed to remove excess skin and tighten the remaining tissue in the targeted areas for a smoother and leaner lower body contour. The procedure can also target isolated fatty deposits that have remained resistant to dieting and exercise. After a thorough consultation, our experienced plastic surgeon Geoffrey Leber, MD, FACS can personalize the procedure to address your unique areas of concern and cosmetic goals. Following a lower body lift, many patients experience a dramatic transformation in their lower body appearance and achieve a sleeker and more defined silhouette.

What Does a Lower Body Lift Address?

A lower body lift can reshape a number of body regions that are prone to excess skin and fat accumulation, including:

  • Lower midsection
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Upper thighs

For more far-reaching cosmetic enhancement, Dr. Leber frequently combines a lower body lift with an abdominoplasty procedure, or a tummy tuck. By combining both procedures, patients are usually able to attain optimal improvement in the look of their abdominal profile and curves of their lower body.

Thigh Lift

Many individuals who consider a lower body lift seek to circumferentially improve the appearance of their upper thighs. A thigh lift can be very effective in reducing excess skin in the upper thighs for a firmer and slimmer look, as well as achieving a diminished degree of skin irritation that often results from the thighs rubbing together. This procedure can be utilized to tighten the underlying structures of the thighs while removing the redundant tissue that may be masking their athletic contours. Dr. Leber can perform a thigh lift as a single procedure or as part of a full lower body lift, depending on your aesthetic goals. Other options include undergoing a thigh lift in conjunction with an arm lift for comprehensive body sculpting, or implementing the procedure into a Mommy Makeover to restore your pre-pregnancy figure.

How is a Lower Body Lift Performed?

A lower body lift is performed under general anesthesia and may be classified as an outpatient procedure, depending on the extent of surgical work to be done. For a complete lower body lift—which addresses the waistline, hips, buttocks, and thighs—Dr. Leber makes a horizontal incision across the lower torso to remove excess skin and fat from the areas planned for treatment. Depending on the details of your treatment plan, the incision size and location may vary; however, Dr. Leber makes every effort to make residual scarring following the procedure as inconspicuous as possible. If the amount of body fat planned for removal is extensive, liposuction may be utilized to gently suction out pockets of stubborn fat through a narrow cannula.

What Can a Lower Body Lift Do for Me?

The benefits yielded by a lower body lift are dependent on your unique needs and cosmetic desires for surgery. Generally speaking, this procedure can treat the following concerns in the lower portions of the body:

  • Loose or sagging skin
  • Stubborn fat that is unresponsive to diet and exercise
  • Muscles that have become loose or weak
  • Skin folds that are causing discomfort, chafing, or irritation

The best candidates for a lower body lift are healthy individuals near their ideal body weight who wish to resculpt parts of their lower body through excess skin removal. Those who are contending with loose or hanging skin after having undergone substantial weight loss are typically excellent candidates for the procedure. Dr. Leber will listen intently to your individual concerns and formulate the most beneficial treatment plan to attain your aesthetic ideal.

Patient Results

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What is Recovery Like for a Lower Body Lift?

As a lower body lift often involves considerable surgical work, it is not uncommon for the procedure to necessitate one or two overnight stays in a hospital or surgical facility. Any post-surgical bruising, swelling, or discomfort can be managed with oral pain medication. A compression garment will be worn temporarily to minimize swelling and help support your new body contours. Patients generally require a healing period of two to three weeks before returning to work and other daily activities, with some activities restricted for three to four weeks. Strict adherence to Dr. Leber’s post-operative instructions, which will be provided personally, can generally accelerate the recovery process.