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The desire to look and feel your best is not an ideal exclusive to women. Thanks to significant strides within the field of plastic surgery, men seeking to improve and refine their features can now achieve their chosen cosmetic enhancement while preserving a masculine aesthetic for exceptionally natural-looking results. Our skilled plastic surgeon, Geoffrey Leber, MD, FACS, is highly experienced in creating optimal outcomes that can complement your natural characteristics and fulfill your goals for surgery. Offering a range of procedural options to choose from, Dr. Leber is committed to helping you attain your desired look while emphasizing the masculine contours of your face and body.

What are Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men?

Most aesthetic surgeries can be personalized to enhance a male patient’s facial features and physique. Whether your goals include diminishing signs of age, achieving more definition in your body contour, or reducing male breast tissue with gynecomastia treatment, Dr. Leber is well-versed in ensuring your surgical results balance harmoniously with your natural aesthetics. In general, common procedures for men include:

Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia is a condition commonly experienced by men past the age of adolescence that involves lingering breast fullness or an excess of visible male breast tissue. For many men, this can cause a negative self image and significant emotional distress. Although diet and exercise are rarely effective in improving gynecomastia, Dr. Leber performs a surgical male breast reduction procedure to remove redundant breast tissue and restore the flat planes of the chest.

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Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Despite healthy sleeping patterns, many men have a perpetual look of stress or constant fatigue. This impression is often caused by signs of age around the eyes, which may include a congregation of excess fatty deposits, wrinkles, and lax eyelid skin. Combined, these characteristics can cause the eyes to appear puffy, baggy, or persistently tired. An eyelid lift is designed to create a more rested and energetic appearance by removing excess eyelid skin and tightening the remaining tissue for a more youthful aesthetic. A blepharoplasty procedure can be performed on the upper and/or lower eyelids, depending on your surgical goals.

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Neck Contouring

For men interested in improving facial definition under the chin and around the jawline, neck contouring is a procedure utilized to remove pockets of excess fat in the neck that may be causing a “double chin” appearance. Patients who undergo neck liposuction generally achieve a stronger, more contoured facial profile and a sleeker aesthetic in the face and neck.

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Chin Implants

The appearance of a weak or recessed chin can have a significant effect on an individual’s overall facial profile, often compromising the harmonious balance between surrounding facial features. Chin augmentation is designed to restore the integrity of the chin for a stronger jawline and more balanced facial appearance. An implant made of a biocompatible substance similar to chin tissue is placed through discreet incisions under the chin for a natural look and feel.

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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Rhinoplasty is a procedure designed to adjust the nasal proportions to improve an individual’s overall facial balance. Close attention is given to the meticulous details which distinguish the nose of a male patient from a female patient for a natural-looking result, optimized to retain a masculine aesthetic. In addition to cosmetically improving the nostrils, nasal bridge, nasal tip, or overall dimensions, rhinoplasty can be utilized to correct a deviated septum or address other functional defects of the nose.

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