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I have had fat grafting, liposuction and many facial treatments with Dr. Leber and his staff. My results are natural and excellent. I look younger and feel better about my appearance than I ever have. My surgery went perfectly and recovery was as promised. I interviewed so many plastic surgeons (for 2 years)before choosing Dr. Leber. Once I spoke to him I knew my decision had been made. He is so knowledgeable and put me at ease immediately. His before and after photos of his other patients and their results were amazing. He also has experienced aestheticians in his medical spa. I have had photo facials, laser resurfacing and laser hair removal. I would strongly recommend Dr. Leber and his staff to anyone.


From the receptionist, to the waiting room, to the doctor himself, the entire experience was absolutely wonderful (except for the fact that I actually had to go through surgery! No fun! But it was bearable, and worth it!) I had originally scheduled with another doctor, and cancelled a month before my surgery date because I just felt too nervous, and something just didn’t feel right. I then found Dr. Leber, and he truly put me at ease as soon as I met him. He really gave me the time and attention to ask all the questions I needed to in order to feel comfortable that he was the right person for the job. I was still super scared the day before surgery, and so he held my hand and let me cry to him and his assistant, and gave me a good pep talk. You could tell this wasn’t his first rodeo, and that he wasn’t worried, but that he understood my fears. I believe he is a genuinely caring person, and his staff are as well, which I think says a lot. I AM SO HAPPY I found him and went through with the breast reduction surgery.

The surgery itself went pretty great, the anesthesiologist he chose was really friendly and put me at ease, and he seemed to do a fine job. I was very lucky to not have any major complications during or after surgery, though I’ve heard those can happen even under the best circumstances. It was painful, but they prepared me with the rights meds (though I switched to acetaminophen after the first 4 or 5 days, because the oxycodone didn’t sit well with me after a few days on it – though it did the trick the first couple days!) They also gave thorough directions for caring for myself after surgery. LOTS of great reading material with lots of detail was provided before surgery, so you didn’t feel in the dark. It was tough for the first week, but bearable.

As for the results, I am so very happy and satisfied with my new boobs!!! I still can’t believe it sometimes, and it took me a little while to realize that they were really mine to keep! They looked weird the first few weeks, as they warn you about, but now that they’ve fallen a bit, they look great, and perky but natural. Are they technically “perfect”? – not exactly, but my breasts were asymmetrical to begin with. They are more symmetrical now, and that is wonderful. Also, I don’t think you’d notice that they are still a little uneven unless you were really looking hard to see that. But they are pretty much perfect enough for me. I point this out because I think it’s important to remember that any doctor is a human being, not a magician, and you should have realistic expectations, otherwise, you will truly be disappointed no matter what they do. I went in and tried to be ready for imperfections and to possibly not be in love with the shape — and I’ll tell you what — they look better than I ever imagined. He did a fantastic job. The shape is beautiful, and they fit my body. Sure, I would have been disappointed if the shape hadn’t turned out as nicely, but the important thing for me was that they were LIFTED and a bit SMALLER. The rest was icing on the cake.

Not only do I actually LIKE my breasts now, but probably the biggest difference is that I don’t waste so much time worrying how big they look, if this shirt makes them look huge, or if that bra isn’t minimizing or supportive enough, etc. That is a burden that has been lifted, and it is such a relief to just put on almost any shirt I want and walk out the door without being so self-conscious.
THANK YOU DR LEBER, and your wonderful staff!!


Since I have had previous facial surgeries a few years ago, I am aware of various procedures and techniques. I was extremely pleased with the consultation. After Dr. Leber took photos and used 3D equipment to show specific problem areas, he noted specifically what he would do, why he would do it, and then he addressed my questions. He is professional, knows this business well, and is genuinely caring. He has a great staff who is both friendly and helpful. One will see that Dr. Leber does many types of cosmetic surgery if you visit his website. I highly recommend one consider Dr. Leber and his practice when interviewing for a cosmetic procedure.


did a lot of research and after several consultations with some prominent surgeons I choose Dr Leber. First off, his credentials are impressive. He has a great bedside manner and I felt comfortable with how he answered my questions. He did a very thorough consultation, taking pictures and explaining the whole process. He also showed me before and after photos of other patients. Not only am I getting Blepharoplasty, I am also getting fat transferred to multiple facial areas. I have scheduled my surgery for July 18th so I will report back with the results.
Update: July 23 2013, I am looking pretty good, this is the 5th day after surgery, generally most swelling is down, I still have some swelling under my left eye and around my upper cheeks. Overall the experience was painless. I took pain pills the day of surgery and that was it. Laid low and sleep a lot the first few days. I have been in the house since the surgery and going stir crazy but tomorrow my stitches come out.

I definitely made the right choice with Dr Leber. I can’t say enough good things about Dr Leber, He is an excellent, surgeon,has a great bedside manner and the staff is fantastic, I would highly recommend him!!


We are all very pleased with our daughter’s “new nose.” She’s a beautiful girl, but unfortunately inherited her Great Uncle Max’s very wide, bulbous nose. Dr. Leber did a fantastic job of narrowing the bridge and nostrils. We chose to go with Dr. Leber after spending many, many hours researching Arizona cosmetic surgeons online. After reading every review we could find, we chose Dr. Leber because his patients felt that he actually cared about them and he cared about his work. I would agree. I feel that Dr. Leber sincerely cares and that he’s a perfectionist…he takes a great amount of pride in his work, as he should. In our opinion, he has not become complacent about his work. I also feel that he was honest with us; he told us in advance that while he could correct the width of our daughter’s nose and help her significantly, due to the thickness of the skin at the tip of the nose, he wouldn’t be able to correct the problem completely. The end result is that we are very, very pleased with the results. Most importantly, our daughter feels GREAT about herself and how she looks. Also, all of the nurses, office staff, etc. with whom we’ve dealt have been very nice. I will add that Dr. Leber is a very busy man and occasionally you may have a long wait (almost an hour at our last appointment) in the waiting room. However, when it’s OUR turn to see Dr. Leber, he’s always patient and very good about answering questions, etc. I don’t feel that he hustles you out just because he’s busy. I would definitely recommend Dr. Leber for any cosmetic procedure.


Dr. Leber was offering an extremely great offer for a facial with his esthetician, Kimberly on Angie’s List. I can’t say enough great things about Kimberly. She is a delightful person and very helpful. I truly enjoyed her manner and all the things she did to give me a great facial. I did some peeling afterward, but not as much as I had hoped. My skin felt very clean and refreshed. That objective was reached. I had hoped for better results in the looks of the wrinkles and lines, but that could be that I need cosmetical procedures by Dr. Leber. Although Kimberly was running late, she and the staff apologized and gave me excellent treatment both in the waiting room and during the procedure. I plan on returning for a consultation with Dr. Leber for more extensive treatments.


Called office, got message on 2/5/13. Called later in the week,left
message with answering service who didn’t understand why they weren’t
taking calls. No one has returned either message. You’ve got a big
problem, Doctor!!


As yet I never heard from the office.


I have been contemplating plastic surgery for several years. I have had numerous consultations and never felt comfortable enough with any of the previous doctors I had met to move forward. A friend recommended I consult with Dr. Leber. His consultation was excellent. There was no pressure and he clearly addressed all of my concerns. I immediately scheduled my surgery. My results are natural and I look and feel fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone.


As a veteran of many cosmetic surgeries, I do my homework before selecting a doctor, and I can report that Dr. Leber is by far and away the most skillful surgeon I have ever used. I waited a year to post my report because cosmetic surgeries need time to settle in, and my results are fabulous–and just keep getting better. I heard about Dr. Leber through my dentist, who told me she had a patient in her fifties (I am fifty-seven) who had gotten a tummy tuck from a plastic surgeon, and he had given her an unbelievable “six-pack” by sculpting the muscles. I had her call her patient to get his website ( so that I could look at his before and afters. As I indicated, I have had numerous cosmetic surgeries and been to many websites, and I had never seen as complete a portfolio, in as many procedures, and with such impressive results EVER. I would urge any of you considering a plastic procedure to just take a look. It convinced me. I was initially just interested in a tummy tuck, but the procedure I had always wanted (but put off because it has the worst, most unpredictable scarring of all procedures) was an arm lift. After seeing Dr. Leber’s results, and consulting with him, I decided to get an arm lift, a tummy tuck and some sculpturing on my back. I am thrilled with the results! I have hidden my arms my entire life, and his work has changed all of that for me. I go sleeveless and the scars are virtually invisible. People just comment on how thin and fit I look!
I really recommend anyone considering a plastic procedure consult with at least three surgeons, and be sure that Dr. Leber is one of them. His staff are delightful and Dr. Leber saves his ego for the operating room–he even has his patients call him by his first name! I can’t recommend him highly enough to you.


Dr. Leber performed an eyelid lift, dermabrasion and fat grafting, all to the facial area. I researched several doctors before making a decision on Dr. Leber to perform the work and found him to be the most “down-to-earth” and professional. I liked his enthusiasm about his work and he did not approach it from the standpoint of of his own personal agenda by presenting to me at the first meeting of “what he thought he could do” to improve my appearance”, but took it from what I wanted to have done, then discussed what he could do to make the necessary changes and improvements. To me, and my husband who accompanied me on the initial visit, that was most important as many plastic surgeons immediately begin to criticize those things about the patient “they deem” are necessary to improve rather than to “listen” to the patient’s needs and desires. I found Dr. Leber to deliver as he said he would do and found his expertise in the area of plastic surgery was superb. I might even schedule a rhinoplasty with him for the future, but first, wanted to see what he could do on something less severe to my face. I needed the courage to go the next step and feel I can trust him with my face in his hands. I highly recommend Dr. Leber to anyone.


My daughter, who lives in the Caribbean, was able to communicate with Dr. Leber concerning her over-stretched stomach muscles that did not respond to exercise following 2 very closely-spaced pregnancies (both C-section deliveries). Since she is quite petite with small bone structure, she suffered lower back pain and continued to appear 7 months pregnant long after giving birth. The two conditions led to her ultimate decision to seek a surgical solution. She elected to have the surgery in the Valley in order to be able to remain with me during recovery. Therefore, I helped research doctors who perform such (apparently successful) surgeries and sent her the names of 3 well-known doctors here in the Valley, one of which was Dr. G. Leber.
My daughter selected Dr. Leber because he was the only doctor who recognized and specifically responded to her physical condition rather than focusing primarily on the cosmetic benefits of this surgery. He established on-line communication with her in order to view her medical reports and x-rays as well as view her physical appearance via web cam. Concurrently, he arranged telephone consultations during the various exchanges of information.

All arrangements were exceptionally well organized and professionally handled. She had the surgery, and was required to remain in the surgical center overnight plus an additional 10 days (with me) that included post-surgical follow-ups with Dr. Leber before he permitted her to return home via plane.

She continues to appreciate the positive, wonderful outcome that she believes to have been both physically and emotionally beneficial to her well-being.


The initial surgery occurred when Dr. Leber was still in Mesa, sharing an office with his father, who was my oncological surgeon. I was being very aggressive and insisted on removal of tissue; therefore, no radiation or chemo was needed. This meant that my skin was totally intact, and Dr. Leber was there for the removal surgery, advising for what he needed and immediately placing the initial prostheses. He told me he wasn’t sure if it was possible, but he wanted to try preserving even the nipple tissue: it worked. I apparently have some of the best-looking reconstructions on record, and I have full function. There is a loss of sensation front and center of each, but I can live with that–literally.


I have been going to Dr. Leber’s office for years. They offer a wide range of products and procedures, from simple skin care, to laser procedures and surgery for face and body. His staff is friendly and helpful, and his office is comfortable and clean. Dr. Leber has a kind nature, and he really does take as much time as you need to feel comfortable, and have all your questions answered. I would, and have recommended him to others.


He is friendly and I like him. His staff is really good.


I went to him after my mastectomy, and I had a very positive experience with him. He said that the work that he did for me was the best that he ever did. I have seen pictures of other people, so I know that is true. He is trained in Beverly Hills. He is very caring, very nice, very supportive, and very informative. He did an incredible job of doing things really quickly for me as per my request.


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