Boston Plastic Surgeon Corrects Recurrent Breast Sag with Special Breast Lift Technique Known as the “Dermal Wing Mastopexy”

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Boston Plastic Surgeon Corrects Breast Sag with Dermal Wing Mastopexy

Geoffrey Leber, MD, FACS—a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Boston—performs a Dermal Wing Mastopexy at his Boston and Scottsdale plastic surgery practices, a breast lift technique designed to provide more upper pole fullness and internal support for the breasts, ultimately reducing the possibility of recurrent sag.

Boston, MA—Dr. Geoffrey E. Leber, an experienced plastic surgeon currently based in Boston, reveals that a specialized variation of the breast lift procedure can increase upper pole fullness without an implant and reduce the risk of repetitive breast sag after surgery. A breast lift, medically referred to as mastopexy, is a popular cosmetic surgery used to address the factors that contribute to breast sag, such as depleted breast volume and stretched skin on the chest. While the cyclical development of drooping breasts after surgery has always been a concern, Dr. Leber suggests the Dermal Wing Mastopexy procedure can create a stronger foundation of support for the breasts, ostensibly reducing the risk of recurrent sag.

Breast ptosis, characterized as the drooping of breast tissue, is noted as one of the most prominent aesthetic concerns women experience as the forces of gravity, weight fluctuation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding change the way the body looks. To remedy the inevitable descent of breast tissue, many women look to breast lift surgery to restore a more youthful breast appearance. Mastopexy is designed to lift and reshape the breasts for a more rejuvenated breast contour, and the results of a breast lift can be quite powerful. However, the effects of aging continue even after a mastopexy procedure, introducing the issue of recurrent breast sag to surgeons and patients alike.

Dr. Leber points out that a traditional breast lift relies on the overlying breast skin to support a patient’s newly lifted breasts, resulting in limitations with regard to the potential results of the procedure. Since the skin is still vulnerable to laxity from sun exposure and the aging process, the breasts can—and often do—hang or “bottom out” after a certain number of years. The Dermal Wing Mastopexy technique is designed to reposition a patient’s own tissue to a higher position on the chest wall using the dermis, which is normally discarded with the routine removal of the excess breast skin during the procedure. The dermis is utilized to create a medial and lateral “dermal wing” that supports the breasts, Dr. Leber explains, much like an internal bra or sling. He reveals that this significantly reduces tension on the skin from the weight of the breasts, providing an extra layer of support that can increase the longevity of the “lifted” aesthetic achieved with a breast lift. Dr. Leber adds that the creation of a dermal wing can also improve fullness in the upper poles of the breasts, often yielding a more youthful breast shape and contour.

Dr. Leber emphasizes that enlisting a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-qualified to achieve the results you desire is the most important determinant of your final results. By developing the Dermal Wing Mastopexy procedure, Dr. Leber feels confident that the long-term outcome of a breast lift can be optimized, thereby reducing the risk of recurrent breast ptosis.

About Geoffrey E. Leber, MD, FACS

Dr. Geoffrey Leber is a board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon with successful practices in both Scottsdale, AZ and Boston, MA. Maintaining an exclusive focus on aesthetic surgery, Dr. Leber performs the full range of cosmetic procedures for the face, body, and breasts. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, as well as a member of several prestigious national organizations, including the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American College of Surgeons, among others. A native to the east coast, Dr. Leber felt inspired to return to his roots and serve the aesthetic needs of Boston patients while simultaneously maintaining his acclaimed Scottsdale practice, which has been established for over two decades. Dr. Leber is available for interview upon request.

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